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Arrahman School

Ar-Rahman School, Sialkot is a truly Islamic Modernized International level school and will be recognized as a great place for children. We will try to build our reputation for quality teaching and learning, engagement and results. Alhamdolillah We have started our journey, please join us for a much better future of your kids! We are a proud learning community that works to ensure the conditions which encourage and support children as they develop new understandings of themselves and the world around them. Our Culture of Kindness frames how individuals in our community interact with each other and results in a safe, caring, respectful and dignified learning environment. Our school is a happy, joyful place of learning. We are Islamic, Pakistani and International in our identity. We celebrate internationalism, recognize the uniqueness of each community represented among our students and build appreciation of Islamic, Pakistani and International culture and approaches to education. Education is the foundation of any society's development and each school adds on its bit to this development. In Ar-Rahman School we understand this responsibility well and will try to create a world through our children, full of promises and hope. Our constant endeavor for excellence in all respective fields of child's development is a living testimony of our everlasting commitment. From a humble beginning Ar-Rahman School will blossom from Pre-Primary school to a matured Higher Secondary School. In our community where we are lacking for a quality education we will try our best to provide a verity of education in disciplined manners and cost effective. Keeping at pace with time and demands, Ar-Rahman School will attain phenomenal proportions in terms of achievements and progress. In alignment with the motto of the school, ' Learn and Lead ', the school will open new portals for Islamic, scientifically structured pattern of approach for teaching and learning, under conditions conducive to comprehensive and intense learning. The lush-green surroundings and vast open space have been purposely kept, which provide ideal conditions for students and relax while interacting with teachers and peers. We invite you to take a look around our fantastic new campus and to speak with faculty, parents and students about their experiences and aspirations.We promise you a warm welcome. With kind regards.